Pakistan Day - 2021

DHACSS NEELUM CAMPUS values all the historic Days as such days enthuse and inspire the whole nation to realize the sacrifices and dedication presented by those who lost their lives and possessions to make the generations to come, enjoy freedom, shelter, pride dignity and protection. 23rd March reminds us of all what happened in the past with the bitter experiences ultimately concluded into the sweet fruit in form of our beloved homeland, Pakistan.

DHACSS NEELUM CAMPUS always particularize such events routinely with true spirit. So despite all the limitations due to Covid-19 and on-going studies, the administration made it possible to arrange a short but concise programme that went on in a formal way and lasted with the oath not only to maintain the dignity, freedom progress but to surpass and overcome the mounting issues by animating our young souls to understand the significance of the noble cause of sacrifice and dedication for the dear homeland. DHACSS NEELUM CAMPUS' timely held event rather prior to the day reflects the utmost spirit comprising patriotism.

All the segments of the "Pakistan Day" went on in an order, commencing with recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran, followed by the inspirational messages, speeches and national songs.

The natural and strong feelings but in a formal and orderly way by the tiny angel-like students touched every one there deeply. The event ended with the national anthem leaving every one with a renewed bond of patriotism and love for dear homeland and Pak Armed Forces in a becoming manner.


  • Mrs Shazia Saleem-Principal

    "The goal of DHACSS Neelum Campus is to make our students articulate and confident members of the society with strong character and to establish a learning place that produces more constructive and positive effect on society by inducing moral standards within our own socio-cultural frame work...

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