Board of Secondary Education Merit Cash Award on the basis of SSC Annual Examination - 2020

DHACSS Neelum Campus Characteristically Reiterates Laurels!

Challenges fuel the Neelumians!

 SSC Annual Examination – 2020, witnesses another notable accomplishment when the promising students of the school got grace to DHACSS Neelum Campus by standing in the midst of the first 30 gifted students entitled for the *MERIT CASH AWARD* on the basis of SSC Annual Examinations – 2020 (Class-X).

*Sadia Altaf,* in General group with 87.65%, stunningly secures *7th* position all over Karachi attaining the *1st* position amongst DHACSS Institutions.

*Hania Riaz,* in Science Group, clinches overall *12th* position with 93.41% in Karachi and *4th* position amidst DHACSS Institutions.

This is how the *Neelumians* work. The way the *Neelumians* work unquestionably leads to laurels; they never cease to work thoughtfully as they believe that perfection lies in steady workout executed judiciously to reach the last mile. Every year has observed the unstoppable journey of the Neelumians to achievements in SSC Annual Examination (Classes-IX, X) since 2010, as some or other student has got grace to *DHACSS Neelum Campus* in form of top positions and merit cash award in *BSEK.*

For sure all the credit and recognition goes to the Principal and her untiring team of teachers who reflect their proficiency in the results of SSC Annual Examination.


  • Mrs Shazia Saleem-Principal

    "The goal of DHACSS Neelum Campus is to make our students articulate and confident members of the society with strong character and to establish a learning place that produces more constructive and positive effect on society by inducing moral standards within our own socio-cultural frame work...

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